Dr. Mendlow offers quality dental care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

One of the most important services provided in this office is the exceptional personal care afforded to the patients.  Dr. Mendlow is extremely proud of his staff and the level of care and service that they provide to his patients.

The front office staff and his Patient Care Coordinator demonstrate a level of expertise and professionalism which has become an essential and invaluable feature of this practice.  The level of commitment is apparent from the patient’s first contact with the office.  Whether it is helping with making appointments, coordination of dental insurance benefits or assisting patients with practical and affordable financial options helping to enable them to obtain the highest level of care.  Thoughtful consideration is always given to making sure the patient has a positive experience.  The staff is respectful of a patient’s time and schedule and are genuinely concerned about their patient’s well-being. 

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene encompasses so much more than simply “having your teeth cleaned.”  Being able to recognize, diagnose and treat a patient’s periodontal needs will help them keep their teeth for a lifetime.

The hygienists at Dr. Mendlow’s not only possess excellent clinical skills but they also have the ability to effectively communicate with their patients while showing a high level of caring and understanding.

Hygiene services include dental prophylaxis (cleaning), scaling and root planning, placement of antimicrobial agents (Arestin®) along with individualized home-care instruction.  In cases where more extensive treatment is indicated, patients will be referred to a periodontist that Dr. Mendlow works with for evaluation and treatment.

Restorative Dental Services 

Dr. Mendlow is a restorative and reconstructive dentist.  His treatment involves restoring and replacing teeth that are in need, whether due to decay, fracture or tooth loss and the placement of aesthetic dental restorations.  Using the best dental materials available and working with excellent dental laboratories Dr. Mendlow offers patients extremely high end dental care.  Whatever the restorative dental needs of a patient, ample time is allotted prior to treatment in order for Dr. Mendlow to explain and help patients understand treatment options in order for them to make an informed decision about their dental care.

Dr. Mendlow uses his skill to provide patients with aesthetic services including crowns, fillings, restoration of dental implants, replacement of missing teeth with fixed or removable bridgework, cosmetic shaping and re-contouring of teeth and teeth whitening, including Zoom® whitening and KÖR® whitening.

In instances where certain specialty dental treatment is necessary, Dr. Mendlow has carefully selected dental practitioners to work with.  These include Endodontists for root canal treatment, Periodontist for periodontal (gum) treatment and dental implant placement, Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists for dental implant placement.

Dr. Mendlow’s standards are high and restorations are not placed until they meet Dr. Mendlow’s requirements for fit, function and aesthetics. In addition, all restorative work will be approved by the patient prior to completion.